Need To Ship Printed Circuit Boards? Different Type Of Packaging And Tips For Shipping

If you have printed circuit boards (PCBs) that you need to ship, it is important that you do this in the right way. The last thing you want is for the PCBs to get damaged, and this can happen if they are not packed and shipped correctly. It can be even more confusing because there are different types of PCBs and they are packaged in different ways. Keep reading to learn the different types of packaging, as well as tips on getting the PCBs shipped.

Packaging PCBs

Some ways the PCBs will be packaged include the following:

Bubble Wrap and Tissue

Using bubble wrap and tissue paper is the most common way to ship PCBs. This will work well if your PCBs do not have a lot of components that are sensitive. If your boards are robust and simple, however, this will work well for you.

These boards are first wrapped in tissue paper. The type of tissue paper used is durable, so it does not tear easily. A special tape is used to secure the tissue paper. Once this is finished, the boards are then wrapped in bubble wrap. They may be wrapped once or a couple of times. 

Pink Poly

Another way to package PCBs is using pink poly. This is a plastic wrap that protects your PCBs from electrostatic discharge. Besides plastic wrap, bubble wrap or bags are also sometimes used. If the box is full of these boards pink poly protects your boards from shocks during shipment. It is not difficult to remove the packaging when it reaches its destination.

ESD Bags

If you need to ship circuit boards that have sensitive components using ESD bag packaging is a good choice. These bags are made of silver plastic in most cases. Most have a zip seal to make it easy to secure the boards and remove them. The bags come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and your boards will be protected from electroshocks. 

Shipping PCB Boards

Hire a shipment company to ship your PCB boards for you instead of doing this yourself. This is beneficial as they will know the right packaging to use and how to pack them properly. 

Ask the shipment company how fast they can ship your boards. Most companies can do one-day shipping if this is what you need. If your boards are going overseas, the shipping company can also handle this for you.

Talk with a shipping company, such as Advanced Circuits, to learn much more about packaging and how they are shipped.