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Design Ideas For A Metal Roof

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Are you considering a metal roof but are afraid it will look too plain? Fortunately, there is no need to be concerned about a metal roof looking plain or like something off of a shed. You have many decorative options available. The following guide will introduce you to a few of these. Metal Shingles Provide a Classic Alternative If you want the look of shingles but are drawn to the energy efficiency or longevity of metal, you can have both. Metal shingles are available in two styles. One type mimics asphalt or cedar shingles. You also have all the choices of color that you would have with a standard metal roof. There is also a variety of shingles that mimic tiles in both color and design. These look especially nice on stucco homes or those with a Spanish or mission style influence. Go for the Gleam With Copper Copper is more than beautiful, it is also a highly durable metal that works very well for roofing. Its main drawback is the cost. If an entire roof made of copper is out of the budget, you can still enjoy it as an accent. For example, consider using copper to roof over a front porch or over your dormer windows. This can look especially striking when combined with a black or deep gray metal roof on the rest of the home. Play With the Seams Traditional panel metal roofs are usually referred to as standing seams. These can vary in appearance depending on your preferences. You can alter the width between seams or even the width of the seams themselves. You can even do double seams with large expanses of non-seamed metal between them. Generally, the seams run vertically so snow and water can easily slide off. Horizontal seams are only suitable in dry desert climates. Don’t Overlook Color The finish on a metal roof is baked on so it won’t come off or flake. You get a huge choice of colors, so you aren’t limited in any way when you opt for metal. Select a color that complements both the main color and the accent color of your home. Neutrals are usually a good choice for metal roofs. This is because they last so long you want to make sure they continue to look good even if you change the color of your home in the future. Contact a local roofing contractor like JD Metals to begin designing your new metal roof...

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3 Tips For Effectively Showcasing Your Jewelry In A Display Box

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Even if you’re not a large jewelry retailer, knowing how to showcase your pieces in a display box is important. In addition to giving your potential customers a better view of your pieces, an effective display box showcase can also give them inspiration on how to wear your pieces, making them even more appealing. However, in order to accomplish this, you need to ensure you are choosing the right display box option. Here are just a handful of the considerations you want to make to help you get the most out of your display. Jewelry Value The pieces you plan to display should be your first consideration when it comes to determining which type of display box is best. For more high-end jewelry pieces, consider a display box that is lined with velvet or another dark, heavy material for a classier look. In addition to making the pieces look more appealing, the dark fabric can create a beautiful contrast for the stones and metal in your pieces as well. High-end pieces also look great in glass display boxes that have gold or other metals along the trim. Setting You also want to make sure you are considering the setting in which you plan to display your pieces. Take an auction and a community sale, for example. In the auction setting, a display box that you can quickly get in and out of isn’t necessarily important, such as one that locks from the rear. The reason for this is that people will primarily just be interested in looking at your pieces. However, in the case of a community sale, people are actually looking to purchase the pieces, so they will likely want to try them on and touch them more often. In this type of setting, provided you aren’t selling high-end pieces, you want a case that is easy for you to open and close for your customers. Static Or Mobile Display Whether or not you have a mobile display or a static display is also another consideration when it comes to your display box selection. Typically, jewelry showcasing is done in a clear display box made from glass or a heavy-duty plastic. If you are often required to travel with your pieces, you probably don’t want to choose glass as it is more susceptible to breaking. In this case, a heavy-duty plastic display box is likely the better alternative. However, if you have a stationary setup, such as a kiosk, you should be safe with a glass option. Make sure you are making an effort to display your pieces in the best...

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3 Things You Might Not Know About Sheet Metal And The Annealing Process

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Have you ever looked at steel and wondered how it’s able to bend the way that it does? Perhaps you’ve watched construction workers building a skyscraper and wondered how those steel beams were bent into the perfect angle. Steel can be bent into coils and corners through a process called annealing.  Through this process, steel can be turned into steel beams for skyscrapers, or even stainless steel for cabinets and counter tops. Here are a few things you might not have known about annealing metals. What Is Annealing? Simply put, annealing is the process in which cold steel is heated to a specific temperature so that it can be cut and shaped. As the metal is heated it becomes flexible, which allows it to be bent into various shapes, including coils. There are five different types of annealing, which include; Process annealing Stress relief annealing Spheroidization Full annealing Isothermal annealing These processes help protect the integrity of the steel. Each process requires different temperature variations and cooling times. Why Is It Done? On its own, steel is too hard to bend into the shapes that are needed for manufacturing and construction purposes. Annealing allows the steel to be heated, shaped and cut without damaging the integrity of the metal. Once the steel is heated, formed and cooled through the annealing process, it will maintain its original strength and durability. Annealing will help prevent the still from becoming brittle during the cooling process. You might think that annealing is the same as tempering a piece of steel, but they’re two different processes. While both processes heat steel to a flexible state, that’s really where the similarities end. Tempering makes steel weaker, whereas annealing actually increases the strength of steel. Where Is This Type of Steel Used? Steel often goes through the annealing process to be turned into stainless steel so that it can be used for various industrial purposes. Some of those industrial purposes include: Fireboxes Furnace dampers Industrial oven liners Once stainless steel has been through the annealing process, it can be shined to a variety of finishes, including brushed, tempered and bright. In addition to industrial uses, the strength and durability of stainless steel makes it a favorite for residential uses such as kitchen cabinets and counter tops. The information provided above will help you understand the extensive annealing process that steel must go through before it can be used for industrial and manufacturing purposes.  For further assistance, contact local sheet metal fabricator professionals, such as J&E Metal...

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Common Concerns About Automatic Pallet Wrappers Addressed

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Packaging your company’s products for shipment can be a tricky task because you must ensure that they are packaged in a way that will keep these items safe without accidentally causing damage. To help achieve this goal as efficiently as possible, your company should consider installing a pallet wrapping machine. These machines can dramatically improve the efficiency of your company, but if you have only recently started considering making this upgrade, you may benefit from having these following two questions about pallet wrappers answered.  What Are The Advantages Of An Automatic Pallet Wrapper? When you are choosing a pallet wrapper, you will have to decide between choosing an automatic or a manual wrapper. While a manual pallet wrapper will be less expensive than an automatic one, it is important to note that you will be passing on several important benefits that come from having an automatic wrapper.  If you choose an automatic wrapper, your employees will have to do little to keep it working. In fact, automatic wrappers can be equipped to load themselves, wrap the pallet before unloading it and repeating the process. In addition to boosting productivity, automatic pallet wrappers are also safer because your employees will be less likely to suffer the types of injuries caused by repetitively wrapping a pallet.  How Are Automatic Pallet Wrappers Maintained? Some business leaders may avoid opting for an automatic pallet wrapper because they are concerned that it will be maintenance intensive. In addition to increasing the cost of owning the machine, higher maintenance demands can increase the amount of downtime that will be needed. Luckily, this is not the case, and automatic pallet wrappers actually require very little in the way of maintenance.  The most common task that will need to be done is checking and changing the lubricant. Degraded lubricant can cause enough heat to build up in the system to cause components to melt or warp. Also, you will need to balance the wrapper to ensure that it is correctly wrapping the items that are placed on it. This will usually involve resetting the positioning system and weight sensors, but the exact steps will depend on the make and model of your wrapping system.  Installing a pallet wrapper is potentially one of the best upgrades you can make for improving the performance and safety of your workers. However, if you are unsure of these systems, you may find it difficult to choose one that will meet your needs. By understanding these two questions and answers about automatic pallet wrapping systems (like those available from SIAT S.p.A.), you should be better able to decide whether this is a good fit for your...

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Common Questions About Ordering Heating Oil

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Ensuring that your home has access to enough heating oil can be a major concern for many homeowners during the cold months. Fortunately, there are fuel companies that provide their customers with fuel delivery services to ensure that they never run out of oil. Yet, if you have only recently purchased a home with a heating oil based system, you may need the following two questions about ordering heating oil answered: What Does It Mean To Prepay For Heating Oil? One of the great benefits of going through a fuel company is the ability to prepay in advance for your heating oil. In addition to ensuring that you never miss a delivery, this can also help you reduce the cost of keeping your system fueled.  When you prepay for fuel, you are locking it in at the current market price. As a result, you will be protected from future price increases. While not every fuel company offers this service, most do, but you will need to check with each one individually to determine their rules governing minimum purchases and how far into the future the fuel can be reserved. How Do You Know How Much Fuel Your Tank Needs? Many new homeowners may have no idea how much fuel is needed to fill their storage tanks. While this information is available in the owner’s manual, these documents are rarely transferred during real estate transactions. Fortunately, you do not have to guess when it comes to ordering your fuel. Fuel companies are able to come to your home and calculate the amount of fuel that is needed to fill the tank. This is done by measuring the dimensions of the tank and using basic math to determine the volume of the storage tank. While you may think that this would be a simple task that you can do on your own, there are many different factors that you must consider. For example, most of these tanks have a spigot that is a few inches above the bottom of the tank, which can drastically complicate these calculations. As a result, you should leave this task to professionals whenever possible or else you may end up drastically under or over ordering fuel.  Ordering heating oil for your home’s furnace will become a routine task if you have recently purchased a home with this type of heating system. As a result, it is important for you to understand the benefits of prepaying for your fuel and how to determine the storage capacity of your tank to ensure that you get the most from your...

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Why Acrylic May Be the Aesthetic Element Your Home Is Missing

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Whether you’re planning a home renovation or you just want to incorporate new aesthetic elements into your decor, acrylic may be the answer you hadn’t considered. Acrylic fabrications offer a versatile assortment of options for your home, from furniture to accents. And with a modern appeal that’s both strong and durable under all types of conditions, acrylic additions to your home offer unique and long-lasting decor alternatives. So if you hadn’t considered bringing this unconventional design material into your home, there’s a few reasons why you should try it. Modern Versatility Acrylic can be molded, welded, or fabricated to work in a wide range of applications, and it’s a material that’s brings a modern sophistication in almost any form. Acrylic resins and plastics are clear and have the look of glass, with elevated scratch and damage resistance. But unlike glass, acrylic can be fabricated much easier, cheaper, and with a wider selection of pigments and colors. Acrylic can take the form of either thin sheets or chunky plastics that bring an unusual look to any room with furniture or accent pieces. Though acrylic furniture, like end tables, coffee tables, or table bases, is often paired with contemporary decor, you can also try and alternate them with natural material, like wood or metal, for a design that is totally new. Manufacturing That Lasts Investing in acrylic options for furniture or accents not only provides you with a modern-looking design alternative, but the furniture will last, as well. Acrylic is both a great option for contemporary decor as well as families that have kids, because this material is made to resist everything that life throws at it. Acrylic is strong enough to support weight without cracking, durable enough to resist chipping, abrasion, and scratches, and beautiful enough to survive fad after fad. Customization Options Designing custom furniture with acrylic is an interesting decor option that can be fun for both the fabricator and the homeowner alike. If you have a design or prototype to work from, a skilled acrylic fabricator can often bring your dream to life. Though unique furniture and accents can be crafted from traditional materials, acrylic fabrication will give you a result that’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen. So if you’re interested in creating something completely new and different or if you want an acrylic version of a piece of furniture to better meet your design needs, you can achieve amazing results with the right fabricator. Contact a representative fromCrown Plastics Inc for more...

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