Keys to Designing Custom Corrugated Boxes for Shipping

Packaging has a huge effect on consumers today. It's their first impression with a product and thus a company's first chance of bringing forth positive emotions. If you plan on using corrugated shipping boxes for your product shipping, these customization tips can help in a big way.

Add Social Media Information

Social media is extremely popular and a great way for companies to connect with their customer base. You should take product shipping with corrugated boxes as an opportunity to promote your company's social media sites so that you can connect in more ways after a customer purchases your product.

You can do this by putting your social media accounts somewhere on the corrugated shipping boxes, such as at the top or side. You just want to make sure these accounts are visible so that customers are influenced to visit them and connect on however many social media platforms you use.

Be Careful When Selecting a Size

Sizing is something you don't want to guess at when it comes to custom corrugated boxes for shipping. Being too generous and providing more room than what's needed for your products will lead to extra costs, while too little room could damage your products.

You need perfect sizing; that probably requires you to order a couple of different dimensions so that you can see what will work perfectly in real time. If you struggle to find the right standard dimensions, having the corrugated boxes custom made from a manufacturer may be the best action to take.

Come Up With a Trendy Graphic Scheme

You want to impress customers right off the bat with your packaging, and that's totally possible if you spend time figuring out a trendy graphic scheme to incorporate throughout your corrugated shipping boxes. The bolder your graphics are, the bigger impact they'll have on your customer base.

If you don't know what directions to go in with these graphics, find a professional graphic designer. They can help you work something out that's unique and appropriate for the products you're sending to consumers. Then your corrugated boxes will be dynamic and more appreciated by customers.

If you want to ship your products with custom corrugated boxes, you should carefully work out impactful elements like sizing, graphics, and information that goes on them. You can then make a huge impact on customers that receive your packaging, starting the initial experience off right.