Live In An Area Where Hail Storms Are Common? Install Residential Steel Siding To Protect Your Home

Hail is a common problem in many areas of the country, especially those near serious hurricane zones. This type of precipitation will cause serious damage to many types of siding, especially vinyl. However, residential steel siding will resist it quite easily.

Vinyl Siding Is Susceptible to Damage

While vinyl siding is a popular and easy-to-install type of siding, it has its problems. For example, hail storms, especially those propelled by hurricane winds, have a way of cracking and chipping away at vinyl siding.

In this way, the siding will wear away and end up suffering from a wide range of damage types. In severe situations, it may even blow away. Those who live in hurricane areas or areas where hail is common should avoid investing in this siding and choose residential steel siding instead.

Metal Siding Is Much Sturdier

Metal siding, particularly steel, is tougher than vinyl siding. Though aluminum is often easier to install and costs less, it isn't as sturdy as steel. Steel will more easily handle the elements, including heavy winds and hail stones. Aluminum is actually likely to dent against hail storms in a way that steel siding just won't.

This type of siding is also fairly easy to maintain, requiring just occasional cleanings to ensure that it doesn't corrode or rust. Homeowners won't even have to worry about damage from sleet and snow, as steel will absorb this impact and cause it to slide away without causing any major damage.

Breaking Down The Cost Investment

Another good thing about steel siding is that it isn't incredibly expensive to install. It costs about $4-5 per square foot of the home. For those who are upgrading from vinyl or aluminum, this can seem costly. For example, aluminum will cost about $1,000-2,000 less to install than steel siding.

The biggest investment you're going to find when installing steel siding is the labor cost. Many companies will charge at least $40-200 per hour, depending on the number of people working on the project. However, this is an investment that is easy to choose, as putting steel siding on as an amateur is likely to cause serious installation mistakes.

So those who live in areas that are prone to heavy thunderstorms and gale force winds should really check out residential steel siding. It can help protect their home from even more damage and is a great investment for someone who plans on staying at a home for a number of years. For more information, contact a company like Magna Steel Sales Inc.