Design Ideas For A Metal Roof

Are you considering a metal roof but are afraid it will look too plain? Fortunately, there is no need to be concerned about a metal roof looking plain or like something off of a shed. You have many decorative options available. The following guide will introduce you to a few of these.

Metal Shingles Provide a Classic Alternative

If you want the look of shingles but are drawn to the energy efficiency or longevity of metal, you can have both. Metal shingles are available in two styles. One type mimics asphalt or cedar shingles. You also have all the choices of color that you would have with a standard metal roof. There is also a variety of shingles that mimic tiles in both color and design. These look especially nice on stucco homes or those with a Spanish or mission style influence.

Go for the Gleam With Copper

Copper is more than beautiful, it is also a highly durable metal that works very well for roofing. Its main drawback is the cost. If an entire roof made of copper is out of the budget, you can still enjoy it as an accent. For example, consider using copper to roof over a front porch or over your dormer windows. This can look especially striking when combined with a black or deep gray metal roof on the rest of the home.

Play With the Seams

Traditional panel metal roofs are usually referred to as standing seams. These can vary in appearance depending on your preferences. You can alter the width between seams or even the width of the seams themselves. You can even do double seams with large expanses of non-seamed metal between them. Generally, the seams run vertically so snow and water can easily slide off. Horizontal seams are only suitable in dry desert climates.

Don't Overlook Color

The finish on a metal roof is baked on so it won't come off or flake. You get a huge choice of colors, so you aren't limited in any way when you opt for metal. Select a color that complements both the main color and the accent color of your home. Neutrals are usually a good choice for metal roofs. This is because they last so long you want to make sure they continue to look good even if you change the color of your home in the future. Contact a local roofing contractor like JD Metals to begin designing your new metal roof today.