3 Tips For Effectively Showcasing Your Jewelry In A Display Box

Even if you're not a large jewelry retailer, knowing how to showcase your pieces in a display box is important. In addition to giving your potential customers a better view of your pieces, an effective display box showcase can also give them inspiration on how to wear your pieces, making them even more appealing. However, in order to accomplish this, you need to ensure you are choosing the right display box option. Here are just a handful of the considerations you want to make to help you get the most out of your display.

Jewelry Value

The pieces you plan to display should be your first consideration when it comes to determining which type of display box is best. For more high-end jewelry pieces, consider a display box that is lined with velvet or another dark, heavy material for a classier look. In addition to making the pieces look more appealing, the dark fabric can create a beautiful contrast for the stones and metal in your pieces as well. High-end pieces also look great in glass display boxes that have gold or other metals along the trim.


You also want to make sure you are considering the setting in which you plan to display your pieces. Take an auction and a community sale, for example. In the auction setting, a display box that you can quickly get in and out of isn't necessarily important, such as one that locks from the rear. The reason for this is that people will primarily just be interested in looking at your pieces.

However, in the case of a community sale, people are actually looking to purchase the pieces, so they will likely want to try them on and touch them more often. In this type of setting, provided you aren't selling high-end pieces, you want a case that is easy for you to open and close for your customers.

Static Or Mobile Display

Whether or not you have a mobile display or a static display is also another consideration when it comes to your display box selection. Typically, jewelry showcasing is done in a clear display box made from glass or a heavy-duty plastic. If you are often required to travel with your pieces, you probably don't want to choose glass as it is more susceptible to breaking.

In this case, a heavy-duty plastic display box is likely the better alternative. However, if you have a stationary setup, such as a kiosk, you should be safe with a glass option.

Make sure you are making an effort to display your pieces in the best light.